This weekend (Thurs/Fri 7th December ) we have just 3  cars available at last minute discounted prices + FREE days (hire at the normal weekend price and get the week for free or get a an extra day for free over the weekend). All 3 cars ready to go from Thurs/Fri 12pm as follows:

Audi R8 V10 Spyder Auto in White £900 for 5 days (normally £1400) or £1200 for 7 days Pictures

Lamborghini Huracan Auto in Grey £2000 for 5 days (normally £3000) or £2400 for 7 days Pictures

Aston Martin DB11  Auto in White £1750 for 5 days (normally £2600) or £2250 for 7 days Pictures


**300 miles inc for the 5 days and 500 for the full week, with excess miles at £1 per mile in the R8 and £4 in the Huracan/Aston

Minimun Driver age is 25 on all cars

Cars collected from Canary Wharf or delivered in London for £125 each way


R8 – £5k but can be reduced to £1.5k by paying the waiver reduction fee of £300.

Huracan/Aston – £10k but can be reduced to £3k by paying the waiver reduction fee of £450.


Call 0207 241 6854 or email to book….










Goodwood Festival of Speed Ferrari supercar

25th Festival of Speed Celebrated in Style

The famous Goodwood Festival of Speed celebrated its 25th anniversary this month, and it was a landmark celebrated in style thanks to the parade of eye-catching supercars on display and modern elements that set this year’s Festival apart from previous editions.

The annual Festival, which regularly attracts crowds of over 100,000, is named for Goodwood House in West Sussex where it is held. The crowd has swelled dramatically since 1993, when the first Festival of Speed was attended by 25,000 people. It’s even been incorporated into the Gran Turismo videogame.

The Festival combines historic racing vehicles with modern F1 machines and sees participants embark on a hill climb race through the grounds. It also features a Supercar Run, which in recent years has been increasingly used by brands to show off the speed capabilities of their latest developments.

This year’s hill climb was won by French driver Romain Dumas in a Volkswagen I.D. R with a time of 43.9 seconds, the fastest time since 2003. It was also the fastest time set by an electric car at the hill climb, emphasising again the increasing industry trend towards electric supercars.

The hill climb also had another modern feature that set it apart from previous iterations – a man flying a jet pack up the hill.

The Festival of Speed’s silver jubilee coincided with Porsche’s 70th anniversary, and the supercar giant didn’t miss the chance to mark the double celebration, installing a 170ft white structure featuring six of the giant’s most iconic cars.

The range of supercars on show at the Festival of Speed is always worth seeing, with only the most exclusive models present. This year’s edition was no different and included the Apollo Intensa Emozione – which we wrote about back in April (specifically, its claim to be able to drive upside down) – and upcoming models such as the Porsche Speedster and the Toyota Supra.

Ferrari Le Mans 1966

New ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ blockbuster in the works

In exciting news for supercar fans, a classic racing battle between two of the world’s biggest car brands, Ford and Ferrari, is set to make its way to the big screen with a high-budget film in the works.

The project, as yet untitled, is being developed by 20th Century Fox and will be directed by James Mangold, whose directorial credits include 2013’s The Wolverine. The film is already attracting a star-studded cast, with former Batman Christian Bale and The Martian star Matt Damon among those confirmed so far.

The film will centre on the battle between the two giants at the 1966 Le Mans World Championship.

At the time, Ferrari were the dominant force in the Grand Prix, and Ford’s team of American engineers were tasked with creating a new vehicle from scratch to challenge Ferrari’s monopoly on the World Championship.

The film is based on AJ Baime’s 2010 book ‘Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans’.

Damon will play Ford visionary Carroll Shelby, with Bale portraying Shelby’s British driver Ken Miles. Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead fame will also star as Lee Iacocca, Ford’s then Head of Development.

Ford’s engineers were given the job of building the world’s fastest car by Henry Ford II in order to defeat Ferrari at Le Mans, and the film is expected to focus on the development of the new car as well as the drama of the race itself, which will provide a naturally nail-biting climax.

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise had at one point been linked to the film but their involvement was short-lived when an earlier script fell apart.

Filming is set to begin this summer, with the release date as yet unknown.

Why not get yourself in the mood for the blockbuster by hiring a classic Ferrari from PB Supercars?

Join the ‘Ferrari at 70’ celebrations this Autumn

As supercar fans may be aware, iconic Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari celebrated its 70th birthday this month in grand style.

Ferrari returned to Maranello, the tiny town in the north of Italy where the company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947, with a memorable parade of some of its most famous cars from the last 70 years.

In that time Ferrari has grown into one of the biggest sports car brands in the world, with its cars among the most iconic in history. In a dramatic evening stage show, an iconic car was chosen and brought on stage for each decade of The Prancing Horse‘s existence. The comparisons between each generation of supercar also served to show the technological improvements between decades that have allowed the cars to become faster and faster.

The birthday party in Maranello featured an auction of several high-profile Ferraris, with one, a limited-edition LaFerrari Aperta, being sold for a staggering £7.6m. Thousands of Ferrari fans – known as tifosi in Italy – lined the streets of the town to catch a glimpse of their favourite cars from Ferrari’s history.

And you can join in the ‘Ferrari at 70′ celebrations this Autumn by taking advantage of PB Supercars’ Ferrari rental.

We offer three Ferraris for hire: the 458 Italia Coupe, the Ferrari California, and the F430 Sypder. All retail for over £130,000 and are capable of reaching almost 200mph (or just over 200 in the case of the 458 Italia Coupe).

All three supercars offer an amazing driving experience. The 458 Italia Coupe boasts the classic Ferrari luxury, with a plush interior complete with high-quality leather, while the F430 Spyder is renowned for its performance and handling, with a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds.

Whichever aspect of the supercar experience you’re looking for, our Ferrari models can provide it.

So why not take the chance to hire one of the world’s best sports cars while simultaneously celebrating a landmark for Ferrari? Get in touch today by visiting our site or calling 0207 241 6854.

Zarooq Sandracer 500GT off road supercar

The world’s first off-road supercar? Introducing the Zarooq Sandracer 500GT

It will surely be the craziest car to be released this year. It looks so futuristic that it’s been compared to the Batmobile. You’re just as likely to spot it zooming through the desert as you are on a motorway – not that many people will see one close-up: just 35 are being sold worldwide, and most have already been snapped up through pre-orders. Its manufacturers claim it marks the start of a new era in supercars.

Yep, we’re talking about the Zarooq Sandracer 500GT, which is being billed as the first ever off-road supercar. The futuristic hybrid blends the best of luxury cars with all-terrain abilities: as its name suggests, it is capable of handling even the most unwelcoming environment, but inside are supercar comforts including an infotainment system, LCD screen, hand-stitched leather interior and climate control. Completely road-legal, the 500GT is equally at home in the desert or the city.

Zarooq Sandracer 500GT off road supercar city

The Sandracer is equally comfortable racing through deserts or cities

The Sandracer’s manufacturers, Dubai-based Zarooq Motors, are named after the Arabic word for the fastest snake in the desert – very appropriate given the 500GT boasts a top speed of 137mph, a 0-60 of under 4 seconds and a 6.2 litre V8 engine. Its body, made from carbon fibre, gives it a more lightweight, agile feel. Zarooq even say it’s been “designed to look aggressive” – it looks like they’ve succeeded on that front.


After being teased at the 2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Sandracer has finally been released following two years in development. Its arrival will thrill supercar fans across the globe, but the very limited first run, as well as the hefty price tag – the cheapest version of the Sandracer will set you back £350,000 – means it is truly an elite release for now.

You may not be able to roll up to some traffic lights in one of these beasts and give the driver next to you a knowing nod just yet, then, but here at PB Supercars we can offer something pretty close. The Sandracer has been described by CNN as having “the luxury and speed of a Lamborghini with the sensibilities of a dune racer.” Why not check out our Lamborghini hires, all of which are actually even faster than the Sandracer?



Supercar News Roundup

Monthly roundup of the biggest stories int he world of supercars.

British Car Makers Fly The Flag

At Last week’s Geneva Motor Show Honda’s hottest hatch was unveiled. The honda Civic Type-R – billed as the ‘people’s supercar’ – can go out to 170mph and more importantly, it’s built in Britain. Swindon to be precise.

Honda Civic Type-R - Geneva Motor Show

Honda Civic Type R

The Civic Type-R only costs £30,000 which makes it a monster at a bargain price. The car will be exported to the US for the first time along with Japan and is a wonderful showcase of the capabilities of British car manufacturing.

Trump’s Old Ferrari Goes to Auction

It’s not often a Ferrari F430 goes to auction, especially one that belongs to the President of the United States.

Hire a Ferrai F430 at PB Supercars

Ferrari F430

The Ferrari was bought in 2007 and is registered to Trump Tower in New York City. Somebody was really keen to have this collector’s piece, as the hammer fell on £250,000. That’s about £80,000 more than it would cost to get a brand new one.

Hire a Ferrari at PB Supercars.

Bugatti Branch Out Into Superboats

Italian super behemoths Bugatti have decided that supercars aren’t enough for them, and have created a superboat to tempt millionaires everywhere.

Bugatti Superboat

Bugatti Niniette 66

The Bugatto Niniette 66 has a top speed of 44 knots (~50mph) and is made with carbon fibre and marble with leather interior. The 66ft boat boasts a Jacuzzi on the top deck – itself modelled to look like Bugatti’s Chiron supercar – a fire pit, champagne bar and a double bed in the sleeping quarters.

Where are supercars made?

With supercar manufacturer McLaren announcing a deal to open a £50million chassis factory in Sheffield last week, we’ve gotten to thinking: where are supercars actually built?

We know Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s are Italian and Mercedes and Audi are German, but do they actually come from there?

Ferrari Hire at PB Supercars

Ferrari’s are all built in the same factory

In Ferrari’s case, yes they do. Ferrari makes all of their supercars in Maranello, Italy. Less than 7,000 cars are built there each year which adds to the prestige of owning one, and all of the parts created and used for them are manufactured in the same place. You can hire a Ferrari 458 from us to experience this prestige for yourself.

Lamborgini is also made in Italy, in fact, a mere stone’s throw away from the Ferrari factory in Maranello. Talk about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Lambo’s are made in Sant’Agata Bolognese, although the brand is now owned by Volkswagon via Audi.

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