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The Lamborghini Huracan

The Lamborghini Huracan has a hard act to follow.  The Gallardo was one of Lamborghini’s finest moments and has helped the Italian giant explode out of the age of austerity with increased production, turnover and a reputation for building great supercars capable of meeting the challenges of an ever changing market.  In the Huracan, Lamborghini continues to offer what was great about the Gallardo, but with a new modern twist.


The Huracan is one of the latest breeds of modern supercar.  Light, highly designed, aesthetically beautiful and full of driver aids to enhance the driver experience.  Inside the Huracan, you’ll find luxury and practicality making this supercar accessible for everyday use. Outside, you’ll marvel at the out-of-this-world styling reminiscent of a stealth fighter you could never even have dreamt of.  The look is typical Lamborghini.  Many try to copy, but none come close.  You could argue Ferrari have the age with classic styling, but the Lamborghini is uncompromisingly brutal and edgy.  It’s outwardly aggressive, confident and unforgiving.

The performance is breathtaking. 602 bhp is available to you and the car will take you from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds in world of noise and power. The E Gear Semi Auto gearbox provides a refined, no nonsense drive and the all wheel drive helps keep the power where it should be.



Lamborghini have added a little finesse to the driving experience but it has not lost any of the pop and snarl you would expect.  The Huracan is at home taking you to the local deli and offers a sensible, manageable ride at low speed.  If you however punch it through the corners, the car responds in way that fills you with confidence.  This car knows what it’s doing and will allow you a healthy amount of freedom before it threatens to bite back.

This is a great supercar and more than able to take on the baton passed from the Gallardo.

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Supercar Hire Review > Aston Martin DB9

Thank you again for all your help this weekend – excellent service  and we had a fantastic time.  Shame we had to give the DB9 back!


Yomi Maison Davies

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