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Bond’s Best Aston?

Aston Martin have long been associated with the world’s most popular spy, from the much loved DB5 from Goldfinger to the V12 Vanquish from Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day.

All of the cars that have been used by James Bond throughout the series – and there have been 12 films that have used Aston Martin’s – have been available for public purchase, albeit without the gadgets and ejector seats.

The difference with Bond’s latest ride in Spectre though is that it isn’t available for purchase. It’s been made by Aston Martin solely for use by Daniel Craig’s Bond in Spectre.

10 models of the Aston Martin DB10 have been made and all of the will be used for shooting – we will try our best to get one of them for Aston Martin hire but we can’t make any promises!

The DB10 showcases Aston Martin’s vision for their future, with a new sleek look that will translate to all of it’s 2016 production cars. Where better to unveil a new style than by letting James Bond do it?

The new style features sharper creases with a shorter rear, although they have kept the front grille which is synonymous with Aston Martin even though it is lower and wider than previous models.

The DB10 makes the most of a lightweight aluminium architecture that goes hand in hand with the new batch of Mercedes AMG engines that the new models will be built with.

If you want to feel like James Bond then you should hire an Aston Martin from PB Supercars – although we haven’t got a DB10 we have AMV8s and DB9s for your enjoyment.