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The 5 Worst Hire Cars in the World

We at PB Supercars offer a high standard of car hire, however with other organisations this might not always be the case. Indeed, there might not always be a super car for hire at all. We thought it might be interesting to speculate on the worst possible hire cars, so here goes:

Peel P50


Famous really for nothing other than being small, the Peel P50 would present a couple of issues if you were collect this from a car rental firm. First of all, most of us are probably familiar with the unfortunate fact that many sub-standard car rental companies own and use overcrowded garages. With this in mind, imagine negotiating one of these cramped spaces without a reverse gear. With an engine that would often be only around 49cc, you might just be best opting for a bicycle to save time…

Hummer H3


Once a symbol of off-road excellence the Hummer H3 is probably best left at that. Whilst there might be ample room for luggage, it’s surely liable to drink fuel like it’s going out of fashion and you’d constantly appear as if you were a chauffeur delivering a group of teenagers to their prom night, not ideal.

Smart ForTwo Cabrio


Whilst the size of Smart car is a well-documented bonus and issue, depending who you speak to, the ‘Cabrio’ version offers a new problem. Fot those who believe that bigger actually is better, this might not be the right choice… Roaming around with the roof around, boxed in this compact delight might not help that large ego.

Volkswagen Touran


A pretty box-standard family car, and VW might be a surprise on this list, being a flagship for German engineering. Unfortunately, the Touran disgraces that name with an average 46% of them breaking down on UK roads annually. Reportedly the axle and suspension systems on the Touran are notorious for causing issues, it’s probably wise to steer clear if you’re offered one of these at the rental desk.

Shelby Mustang GT500


Now many of us might be pretty pleased if we were handed the keys to one of these, I wouldn’t grin too soon though, nor would you be smiling when you’re at the fuel station down the road. This great beast of burden only has a 50 litre fuel tank, not great if you’re tearing about with a 5.4 litre V8 engine on the go.


How Much Does Your Supercar Deteriorate in Value Over Time?

How much is my car worth? Car valuations at PBHow much is my car worth?” has to be one of the most asked questions by motoring enthusiast, or by anyone who wants to earn some quick cash. Many factors affect the value of any car, but some are more specific and relevant to supercars, and also might help you make an investment.



Obviously this whole question is centred on numbers but one key issue is, how many of them were produced? A car such as the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione would be a good example of a sound investment I this sense. When these were first produced they had a price tag of around £110,000, but there were only 500 produced. This limited availability means that as the years go by, exclusivity will rise. Even now you might expect to get £139,000, that’s a profit of just over 26%!


This is a classic concern for anyone looking to sell their car, not particularly in the case if a supercar. Naturally, if you have been using your McLaren MP4-12C to pop out for a pint of milk then this will apply to you but otherwise it’s largely irrelevant. Supercars are generally a luxury and not a car for everyday use unlike your Picasso, let that rack up the mileage instead.


This almost goes without saying but if you take the case of a model such as the Lamborghini Countach you might be surprised to hear that it’s becoming harder to find one in good condition, probably because a couple of them were crashed by Jordan Belfort, maybe? A sound investment of £90,000 could see you shoot into profit potentially.

Like anything, if you let it go to waste then it will be just that, waste. A supercar requires attention and care. So, if you are hoping to make it last then make sure you aren’t casting it aside, especially if you want to be making profits similar to the likes of Chris Evans who seems to have a keen eye for a supercar investment.

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