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Christmas Gift Voucher Offer


We are currently running a very special Christmas deal offering 50% off all single weekday (mon-fri) car hire vouchers, ideal for presents, staff bonuses or to treat yourself!  Single day voucher offers start from £210 a day inc vat for a Bentley GT to £300 a day for a Ferrari.  The offer is open until Monday 19th December so be quick to ensure you benefit from this great deal.  Vouchers are valid for use from December 19th 2016 to April 12th 2017.

Simply buy the voucher as a Christmas treat for yourself, or as present for a loved one/friend or employee and then call up to book the day in when you want, or if it’s a gift the receiver can simply call to book the day they require- Usual hire conditions apply (need to be over 25, held licence for 5 years and £5k damage deposit which can be reduced to £1.5 k if preferred by paying the waiver fee of £300 on the day).  All vouchers have full spec and pictures of the car on them so ideal for presents!

Only available for Single day weekday hires ( 19th December 2016-12th April 2017) on any:

Monday 3pm to Tuesday 1pm

Tuesday 2pm to Wednesday 12pm

Wednesday 1pm to Thursday 11am

Thursday 12pm to Friday 10am

(Excludes December 23rd 2016 to Jan 2nd 2017)


Cars available on the offer:

Bentley GT Coupe Auto in Black £210 Pictures

Audi R8 Sypder V10 Auto in White £250 Pictures

Ferrari F430 Sypder Auto in Black £300 Pictures

 *Price inc vat and 100 miles

*Excess miles at £1 per mile in the Bentley/R8 and £2 in the Ferrari.

*Deposit/Excess is £5k which can be reduced to £1.5 k if preferred by paying the waiver fee of £300 on the day

*Offer open until Monday 19th December 2016

*Full payment for the hire voucher must be made a time of purchase

*Vouchers valid from 19/12/16-12/4/17 weekdays only as above.

*Collection only from Canary Wharf, London.

Call 0207 241 6854 or email to book.


Five Stereotypes of Super Car Buyers

There are those who spend every waking hour deciding which shade of yellow expresses their midlife crisis, those who obsess over car valuation, and those who actually just like nice cars. We’re inclined to see the latter as being closest to the truth…

The one who thinks bigger is better

Hummer - PB Supercars

Perhaps the most common, and laughed at stereotype is of the supercar buyer who simply believes that the bigger or more brash their car is, the more likely they might be to attract a member of the opposite sex. A Hummer for example, in the mind of such a person would achieve this end goal. In reality, this probably isn’t the truth and will if anything, work for the opposite.  In reality we know that 99% of supercar buyers aren’t like this but there is something quite amusing in imagining the mindset of such a person with that purpose…

“Daddy’s money”

Daddy's money

This is when you cannot understand how this youth can afford the Porsche they’re stepping out of. Initially, you might assume he is a young sporting professional who earns a healthy sum that allows them to splash the cash. Then, reality hits and you draw the envious conclusion that one (or both) of his parents are rather well off and have somehow managed to bribe an insurance company into letting them on a policy.

“… and on that bombshell”


Those who for some reason, believe they’re the presenter on a popular car programme. They might be slightly offensive at times, and shout and talk louder than is necessary. In reality, there is only three of these known and that means that it truly is a stereotype and isn’t what to expect from the everyday supercar buyer.

Number 10 on the back of his shirt

Bentley Continental GT - PB Supercars

You live in Cheshire and have a big car and a pay packet to match. This would be a footballer perhaps. A Bentley continental might spring to mind? However, we’re at a loss as to why this is a negative stereotype. It ought to be the opposite. These people tend to have a great taste in cars, leave them be!

The one you don’t give a chance

Working hard

This one is just the person who has worked and wants a nice car. If this is the case, why not let them make a statement? Why shouldn’t they focus on car valuations? They care and therefore are true petrol-heads, if anything they just want to brag!