Supercar News Roundup

Monthly roundup of the biggest stories int he world of supercars.

British Car Makers Fly The Flag

At Last week’s Geneva Motor Show Honda’s hottest hatch was unveiled. The honda Civic Type-R – billed as the ‘people’s supercar’ – can go out to 170mph and more importantly, it’s built in Britain. Swindon to be precise.

Honda Civic Type-R - Geneva Motor Show

Honda Civic Type R

The Civic Type-R only costs £30,000 which makes it a monster at a bargain price. The car will be exported to the US for the first time along with Japan and is a wonderful showcase of the capabilities of British car manufacturing.

Trump’s Old Ferrari Goes to Auction

It’s not often a Ferrari F430 goes to auction, especially one that belongs to the President of the United States.

Hire a Ferrai F430 at PB Supercars

Ferrari F430

The Ferrari was bought in 2007 and is registered to Trump Tower in New York City. Somebody was really keen to have this collector’s piece, as the hammer fell on £250,000. That’s about £80,000 more than it would cost to get a brand new one.

Hire a Ferrari at PB Supercars.

Bugatti Branch Out Into Superboats

Italian super behemoths Bugatti have decided that supercars aren’t enough for them, and have created a superboat to tempt millionaires everywhere.

Bugatti Superboat

Bugatti Niniette 66

The Bugatto Niniette 66 has a top speed of 44 knots (~50mph) and is made with carbon fibre and marble with leather interior. The 66ft boat boasts a Jacuzzi on the top deck – itself modelled to look like Bugatti’s Chiron supercar – a fire pit, champagne bar and a double bed in the sleeping quarters.


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