How do they compare? Some of our favourite cars from the PB Supercars.

We get asked about our favourite cars all the time- and we love talking about them even more! Of course it’s unfair to compare some of our most unspeakably powerful & luxurious cars: each one has a unique charm that goes beyond mere statistics, the sort of class only achievable combining glamour, soul and a classiness that would leave James Bond lost for words. But we wanted to try- so here are some of the cars we have waiting for you.

These machines pack some serious power- and with next-gen technology more suited to Star Wars than the school run, they need to be driven to be believed. If the envious stares you get on public roads get too much however, take them out on the track and unlock the raw power of these incredible animals.

Mclaren 570S Coupe

This British beast doesn’t mess around- it’s a lean, speed machine- tailored to the high performance & precision responsiveness you need whether on the road or the track. With low weight matched with terrifying engine power it hits 124mph in 9.5 seconds, sweeping past stunned onlookers with its tell-tale ‘air piercing’ nose and striking, tendon-like detailing creating a flowing, almost animal form echoing its creators’ ‘inspired by nature’ design process theme. With 562 horsepower behind the bonnet and one of the most advanced luxury control systems in the world, it’s muscular technically too- a real show stopper.

Mercedes AMG GT

A monstrous V8 lurking beneath an ostentatiously distinctive prow, the GT smirks a smile almost as wide as yours will be after hitting its top speed of 185mph. Leave the competition in your wake as you unleash the fury of the GT’s V8 engine. Despite its classic good looks the distinctive Mercedes packs a punch entirely 21st century- with its 563 horsepower and a jet-cockpit controls. A heavy hitter at 1.6 tonnes, it nonetheless keeps pace with the sprightlier Mclaren and, hitting 65mph in 4 seconds, doesn’t hold back whether on the racetrack or the road.

Lamborghini Huracan Coupe

A firm favourite among the uncompromising, the slick and brutal Lamborghini chews up road like a true predator, 602 horsepower snarling from behind the unmistakable jaws of its radiator. Pouncing with raw power under its bonnet, breezing past 60mph in 3.2 seconds, this is a hard car to match for prowess on the road or on the racetrack- with just enough Italian fun left in the mix to keep surprising you. The interior comes complete with all of the trimmings- this is a car as a spectacle, a true event that will change the way you see driving. Nimble and a little cheeky- car critics clamoured over the Huracan- never suggesting that the cost of over $200,000 might be excessive.

These are only a few of our favourites, picked from our wide range of cars, ranging from the sweeping executive Bentley Continental GT to the ferocious Maserati Gran Turismo. We know our customers expect the best, and by our uncompromising ethos we have turned many thousands of miles into unforgettable experiences- why not let your next drive be our next great success story? Speak to our team today, whether you’re planning one special day or the trip of a lifetime- and we will make the car of your dreams a reality.


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