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Top 3 Ferrari’s At The Movies

The galloping horse brand is one of the most well known in the world, with everyone able to recognise the logo and the bright red colour synonymous with Ferrari.

But which of their cars has taken it’s red appearance to the red carpet and achieved fame as a movie car, to rival Bond’s Aston Martin or the DeLorean’s of Back To The Future?

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

In 1986 a 250 GT California Spyder made a guest appearance in one of the best cult movies ever in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The car was used in the plot to collect Ferris’s girlfriend from school after she fakes her Grandma’s death – after which the miscreant youths proceed to drive it around Chicago.

The 250 GT California was Ferrari’s version of an open-topped 250, making it the perfect car for a movie star of the time – but not for a boy skipping school.

Ferris Bueller Ferrari 250 GT California Sypder

Ferris and a Ferrari in Chicago

The car comes to a sticky end when it accidentally ends up falling into a ravine after Ferris and co try to run the odometer back – it’s a good job it’s been immortalised in the success of the film!

The Rock

Featuring one of the most iconic car chases ever, The Rock features Sean Connery driving a black Humvee in pursuit of Nicholas Cage in a stunning 1996 Ferrari F355 Spyder.

The Rock Ferraru F355 Spyder

Nicholas Cage’s Ferrari F355 Spyder

The F355 Spyder driven in The Rock was the convertible version with the roof up. The design was specifically to improve performance with the mid-engine rear-wheel drive helping improve handling and the V8 engine giving it some oomph.

Unfortunately, this Ferrari also came to an unfortunate end as it ends up the filling in a fireball sandwich in true Hollywood style.

The Cannonball Run

Cannonball Run is an iconic driving film – if not just for the wealth of acting talent in it including Burt Reynolds, Jackie Chan and Roger Moore. The film features Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin as drunken priests in a 308 GTS Ferrari

The film features Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin as drunken Catholic priests in a 308 GTS Ferrari, who enjoy plenty of air time during their on-screen rivalry with a Dodge Ambulance.

Cannonball Run Ferrari 308

Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr in The Cannonball Run

The 308 GTS doesn’t end up flattened or burned to a crisp, but it also doesn’t win the race either. The antics of Martin and Davies have helped to secure the 308 GTS firmly in automobile film history though.

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