FREE Weekend or Mid Week Hire Vouchers-Limited Winter Offer

We are currently running a very special winter deal offering a FREE weekend (Fri 12 pm -Mon 2pm) or FREE mid week (Mon 3pm-Fri 11am) Supercar Hire Voucher, ideal for presents, staff bonuses or to treat yourself!  Simply buy a weekend or mid-week hire voucher at our standard rate (both periods are the same price and come with 300 miles inc) in one of the cars below and we will give you another voucher for FREE!!

The offer is open to the first 6 customers for each car and vouchers can be bought until the 12pm  18th November 17 with hires to be completed by the 9th April 2018 so be quick to ensure you benefit from this great deal.

The vouchers do not need to be used by the same person making it ideal as a treat for yourself and a present for someone else!  You can also combine the 2 hire periods to make a full 7 day, weeks hire if preferred. eg, buy a weekend voucher and get a mid week for free. You can even choose 1 weekend hire and the other one a separate mid week hire or vice versa! You do not need to decide the hire dates or combinations when the vouchers are bought-just the cars as the 2nd voucher can be upgraded to one of the other cars on the offer with the difference paid upon purchase of the vouchers.

All Hires must have been completed by April 9th 2018  (Excludes December 22nd 2017 to Jan 2nd 2018)

Simply buy the vouchers, two will be emailed to you for the cars you have chosen and can be redeemed for any weekend or midweek hire. You, or the person you have given the voucher to can simply call to book the dates required- All vouchers have full spec and pictures (no prices) of the car on them so ideal for presents!

Cars available on the offer:  Weekend (Fri 12pm -Mon 2pm) or Mid Week (Mon 3pm-Fri 11am)

Bentley GT Coupe Auto in Black £960  (Pictures)

Audi R8 Coupe V10 Auto in Blue £960 (Pictures)

Ferrari F430 Sypder Auto in Black £1320 (Pictures)

Ferrari California Sypder Auto in Black £1680 (Pictures)

(Prices shown above are the total price for both vouchers)

*Price inc vat and 300 miles per voucher (miles cant be rolled over)

*Excess miles at £1 per mile in the Bentley/R8 and £2 in the 430 and £3 in the California. *Deposit/Excess is £5k which can be reduced to £1.5 k if preferred by paying the waiver fee of £300 on the day if over 28, or £7.5k to £1.5 for a fee of £400 in under 28 £100 extra if the hire is a straight 7 day hire rather than 2 separate hires. Each separate hire requires a new deposit/waiver fee if this option is chosen)

*Limited to the first 4 customers for each car or the 18th November 2017 (whichever comes first)

*Full payment for the hire voucher must be made a time of purchase

*Vouchers valid from 20/11/17-9/4/18.

*Usual hire conditions apply (driver needs to be over 25, held licence for 5 years)


Email or call 0207 241 6854 to book…


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