A supercar that can drive upside down?

Image courtesy of Online Octane.

Even by the supercar industry’s fast-moving standards, the past year has been a groundbreaking one to say the least. In July we wrote about the Zarooq Sandracer 500GT, the world’s first off-road supercar. At the start of this year there was Rimac’s self-driving supercar.

Last month’s Geneva Motor Show brought further examples of futuristic innovation and talking points, including the Pal-V Flying Car.

Which brings us to the latest unbelievable-sounding prototype to hit the headlines: the supercar that can drive upside down.

This is the Apollo Intensa Emozione (Italian for ‘intense emotion’), better known as the Apollo IE. Its makers have stated that the model has enough downforce to theoretically drive upside down.

Very little has been heard about the Apollo brand name in the past few years. However, it seems this was part of the German manufacturer’s plan, as the secrecy has allowed them to quietly develop the Intensa Emozione and surprise the industry with its announcement.

The IE features a 6.3 litre V-12 engine with over 800 horsepower, but its carbon fibre chassis and body means that it is much lighter than similar supercars. Its designers claim that making the IE “a true event to drive” was at the forefront of their priorities when creating it.

The IE’s angular, futuristic black exterior and racing-style red and black seats have seen it likened to the Batmobile by the press. It also features a 3D laser printed three-way exhaust – because why not?

Apollo Intensa Emozione

Image courtesy of Car Magazine.

It will clearly be an exclusive car: each IE carries a hefty $2.7m price tag. That figure makes more sense when you learn that Apollo will only produce 10 models of the IE, each customised by its owner. Each car will reportedly take Apollo around four months to produce.

The IE was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last month but rather than compete inside the convention in a static booth alongside the many other cars being presented, Apollo instead drove the IE around Geneva to better showcase its capabilities.

So, back to the reason you’re here: the claim that the IE could drive upside down. Every aspect of this supercar has been carefully sculpted to create as much downforce as possible. As Top Gear reports, as the IE weighs around 1,250kg and has a net downforce of 1,350kg, it is theoretically possible that the car could drive upside down.

However, this sort of claim is usually more of a marketing ploy than a real selling point. As Top Gear’s Ollie Kew concludes, “No one’s ever, ever going to test one of these ‘more downforce than weight’ claims”.

That said, keep your eyes peeled for any news stories in coming months about one of the ten IE owners giving it a try…






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