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Ferrari Le Mans 1966

New ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ blockbuster in the works

In exciting news for supercar fans, a classic racing battle between two of the world’s biggest car brands, Ford and Ferrari, is set to make its way to the big screen with a high-budget film in the works.

The project, as yet untitled, is being developed by 20th Century Fox and will be directed by James Mangold, whose directorial credits include 2013’s The Wolverine. The film is already attracting a star-studded cast, with former Batman Christian Bale and The Martian star Matt Damon among those confirmed so far.

The film will centre on the battle between the two giants at the 1966 Le Mans World Championship.

At the time, Ferrari were the dominant force in the Grand Prix, and Ford’s team of American engineers were tasked with creating a new vehicle from scratch to challenge Ferrari’s monopoly on the World Championship.

The film is based on AJ Baime’s 2010 book ‘Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans’.

Damon will play Ford visionary Carroll Shelby, with Bale portraying Shelby’s British driver Ken Miles. Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead fame will also star as Lee Iacocca, Ford’s then Head of Development.

Ford’s engineers were given the job of building the world’s fastest car by Henry Ford II in order to defeat Ferrari at Le Mans, and the film is expected to focus on the development of the new car as well as the drama of the race itself, which will provide a naturally nail-biting climax.

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise had at one point been linked to the film but their involvement was short-lived when an earlier script fell apart.

Filming is set to begin this summer, with the release date as yet unknown.

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