Top 3 Ferrari’s At The Movies

The galloping horse brand is one of the most well known in the world, with everyone able to recognise the logo and the bright red colour synonymous with Ferrari.

But which of their cars has taken it’s red appearance to the red carpet and achieved fame as a movie car, to rival Bond’s Aston Martin or the DeLorean’s of Back To The Future?

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

In 1986 a 250 GT California Spyder made a guest appearance in one of the best cult movies ever in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The car was used in the plot to collect Ferris’s girlfriend from school after she fakes her Grandma’s death – after which the miscreant youths proceed to drive it around Chicago.

The 250 GT California was Ferrari’s version of an open-topped 250, making it the perfect car for a movie star of the time – but not for a boy skipping school.

Ferris Bueller Ferrari 250 GT California Sypder

Ferris and a Ferrari in Chicago

The car comes to a sticky end when it accidentally ends up falling into a ravine after Ferris and co try to run the odometer back – it’s a good job it’s been immortalised in the success of the film!

The Rock

Featuring one of the most iconic car chases ever, The Rock features Sean Connery driving a black Humvee in pursuit of Nicholas Cage in a stunning 1996 Ferrari F355 Spyder.

The Rock Ferraru F355 Spyder

Nicholas Cage’s Ferrari F355 Spyder

The F355 Spyder driven in The Rock was the convertible version with the roof up. The design was specifically to improve performance with the mid-engine rear-wheel drive helping improve handling and the V8 engine giving it some oomph.

Unfortunately, this Ferrari also came to an unfortunate end as it ends up the filling in a fireball sandwich in true Hollywood style.

The Cannonball Run

Cannonball Run is an iconic driving film – if not just for the wealth of acting talent in it including Burt Reynolds, Jackie Chan and Roger Moore. The film features Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin as drunken priests in a 308 GTS Ferrari

The film features Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin as drunken Catholic priests in a 308 GTS Ferrari, who enjoy plenty of air time during their on-screen rivalry with a Dodge Ambulance.

Cannonball Run Ferrari 308

Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr in The Cannonball Run

The 308 GTS doesn’t end up flattened or burned to a crisp, but it also doesn’t win the race either. The antics of Martin and Davies have helped to secure the 308 GTS firmly in automobile film history though.

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No groom to improve: Choosing your wedding car

You have one shot at the perfect day: whether it’s yours, your son’s or your best friend’s- and you absolutely have to get it right. A lot is made of the bride, her dream wedding and the dress, and quite rightly- but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the groom. A man about to embark on the next step of adult life deserves a bit of a splash. Nobody wants to upstage the bride- yet who doesn’t want to see the groom’s face as the wedding car is revealed to be the one of his dreams? The great thing about hiring a wedding car is you can make a choice that matches the couple’s personalities perfectly. Not everybody is reflected in a classic Rolls Royce or stretch limo- some couples want to arrive (and leave!) the wedding with a little more spark. Enter in one of our range of luxury supercars, and show the world your marriage isn’t about stuffy convention- you want to go forward in your own, unique way, full of confidence and energy. Your wedding car can simply say you will live life to the full- in control and embracing every moment.

We make our full range of vehicles available for weddings, because we know the importance of getting those special moments right- in front of your friends and family, you’re making a statement of love and of self-belief. So why not leave your ceremony in the ultimate red-blooded performance car, ready to pursue your new life together as fiercely as you tear down the road toward your honeymoon? Whether you seek the passion in the unbridled power of a Ferrari or the understated sophistication of a Bentley Continental, we will take care of all the details and leave you the joy of sweeping into the bride’s view like the superstar she thinks you are!

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How do they compare? Some of our favourite cars from the PB Supercars.

We get asked about our favourite cars all the time- and we love talking about them even more! Of course it’s unfair to compare some of our most unspeakably powerful & luxurious cars: each one has a unique charm that goes beyond mere statistics, the sort of class only achievable combining glamour, soul and a classiness that would leave James Bond lost for words. But we wanted to try- so here are some of the cars we have waiting for you.

These machines pack some serious power- and with next-gen technology more suited to Star Wars than the school run, they need to be driven to be believed. If the envious stares you get on public roads get too much however, take them out on the track and unlock the raw power of these incredible animals.

Mclaren 570S Coupe

This British beast doesn’t mess around- it’s a lean, speed machine- tailored to the high performance & precision responsiveness you need whether on the road or the track. With low weight matched with terrifying engine power it hits 124mph in 9.5 seconds, sweeping past stunned onlookers with its tell-tale ‘air piercing’ nose and striking, tendon-like detailing creating a flowing, almost animal form echoing its creators’ ‘inspired by nature’ design process theme. With 562 horsepower behind the bonnet and one of the most advanced luxury control systems in the world, it’s muscular technically too- a real show stopper.

Mercedes AMG GT

A monstrous V8 lurking beneath an ostentatiously distinctive prow, the GT smirks a smile almost as wide as yours will be after hitting its top speed of 185mph. Leave the competition in your wake as you unleash the fury of the GT’s V8 engine. Despite its classic good looks the distinctive Mercedes packs a punch entirely 21st century- with its 563 horsepower and a jet-cockpit controls. A heavy hitter at 1.6 tonnes, it nonetheless keeps pace with the sprightlier Mclaren and, hitting 65mph in 4 seconds, doesn’t hold back whether on the racetrack or the road.

Lamborghini Huracan Coupe

A firm favourite among the uncompromising, the slick and brutal Lamborghini chews up road like a true predator, 602 horsepower snarling from behind the unmistakable jaws of its radiator. Pouncing with raw power under its bonnet, breezing past 60mph in 3.2 seconds, this is a hard car to match for prowess on the road or on the racetrack- with just enough Italian fun left in the mix to keep surprising you. The interior comes complete with all of the trimmings- this is a car as a spectacle, a true event that will change the way you see driving. Nimble and a little cheeky- car critics clamoured over the Huracan- never suggesting that the cost of over $200,000 might be excessive.

These are only a few of our favourites, picked from our wide range of cars, ranging from the sweeping executive Bentley Continental GT to the ferocious Maserati Gran Turismo. We know our customers expect the best, and by our uncompromising ethos we have turned many thousands of miles into unforgettable experiences- why not let your next drive be our next great success story? Speak to our team today, whether you’re planning one special day or the trip of a lifetime- and we will make the car of your dreams a reality.

Most Expensive Supercar Gathering Ever?

On Sunday the Supercar Drivers club had a secret meeting with their members, which could be the most expensive gathering of supercars ever.

The club released an image of the meeting which included the new Bugatti Chiron, two Bugatti Veyrons, a McLaren P1 and several Ferrari’s including F40s, F50s and Enzos. And that was just the front row.

Supercar Driver Club Meeting

The Supercar Drivers Club was established in 2009 as a driving club in the North of England but has since evolved into a prestigious members club which has more than 600 members across the UK. Members include drivers, collectors and enthusiasts with a range in taste and style that makes the membership photo very interesting.

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Supercar Histories: Aston Martin

Aston Martin is one of the classiest supercar brands around today, with the name synonymous with style, class and prestige.

They don’t go in for the gaudy, bright colours of Lamborghini and Ferrari, but aren’t as understated as a Bentley or a Rolls Royce; coupling supercar style with an air of grace.

A Difficult Start

Aston Martin was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford under the name Bamford & Martin with the intention of making a vehicle that Martin could race at Aston Hill, which he had been doing previously. The first car to carry the Aston Martin name was a modified Isotta-Fraschini chassis to which Martin fitted a four-cylinder engine.

The pair acquired premises in Kensington where they produced the car in March 1915, but they were interrupted by the first world war where both Martin and Bamforth served.

In 1920 Bamford left the company, but it was saved when Count Louis Zebrowski – a feted racing driver and engineer – invested in the company and in 1922 Bamford & Martin began producing cars to compete in the French Grand Prix with their machines going on to set world speed and endurance records.

Despite this the company went bankrupt in 1924 and was bought by Lady Charnwood, but despite this backing the company failed again in 1925 which caused Lionel Martin to leave.

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Supercar News Roundup

Monthly roundup of the biggest stories int he world of supercars.

British Car Makers Fly The Flag

At Last week’s Geneva Motor Show Honda’s hottest hatch was unveiled. The honda Civic Type-R – billed as the ‘people’s supercar’ – can go out to 170mph and more importantly, it’s built in Britain. Swindon to be precise.

Honda Civic Type-R - Geneva Motor Show

Honda Civic Type R

The Civic Type-R only costs £30,000 which makes it a monster at a bargain price. The car will be exported to the US for the first time along with Japan and is a wonderful showcase of the capabilities of British car manufacturing.

Trump’s Old Ferrari Goes to Auction

It’s not often a Ferrari F430 goes to auction, especially one that belongs to the President of the United States.

Hire a Ferrai F430 at PB Supercars

Ferrari F430

The Ferrari was bought in 2007 and is registered to Trump Tower in New York City. Somebody was really keen to have this collector’s piece, as the hammer fell on £250,000. That’s about £80,000 more than it would cost to get a brand new one.

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Bugatti Branch Out Into Superboats

Italian super behemoths Bugatti have decided that supercars aren’t enough for them, and have created a superboat to tempt millionaires everywhere.

Bugatti Superboat

Bugatti Niniette 66

The Bugatto Niniette 66 has a top speed of 44 knots (~50mph) and is made with carbon fibre and marble with leather interior. The 66ft boat boasts a Jacuzzi on the top deck – itself modelled to look like Bugatti’s Chiron supercar – a fire pit, champagne bar and a double bed in the sleeping quarters.

The First Supercars

Today’s supercars are known to be flashy, eye-catching speed machines that cost a fortune both to own and to run – but what are the supercar’s humble beginnings?

Here are our 5 favourite supercar origin stories to fill out the history of these machines.

If you want something a little more modern, see all of our supercars for hire online.

Blitzen Benz

One of the first cars that we could apply the ‘supercar’ moniker to would be the Blitzen Benz.


Made in 1909 had a 21.5litre four cylinder engine and was built to obtain the land speed record. Which it did with aplomb, creating a new record of 142mph which the Blitzen held until 1919.

Lamborghini Miura

A classic forerunner to the kind of styles we saw in the 60s, but one of the best supercars of that era.


Built in 1966 the Miura had cutting-edge technology with a mid-engine layout and side-mounted V12, giving it 350bhp. It cost a fortune, was unbelievably fast and never went racing, meaning it meets most criteria for a modern supercar. Also ticking the box of making its owner look very wealthy whenever they rolled into town.

Mercedes-Benz 300SL

We have to mention this in the list purely because of the gullwings that were on the 1954 model.


The car delivered 200 bhp from its 3L straight six and it was a prominent feature on the racing circuit along with Mercedes’ mechanical direct fuel injection – a feature which it developed to great success in WW2.

Bugatti 57SC

We can’t’ have a list of early supercars without mentioning Bugatti. Although now famed for their Veyron monster, the manufacturer was a powerhouse of sports car creation since the 1920s.


Famed for building ridiculously fast cars – something they’ve carried into the 21st century – the 1938 57SC was no different; putting out 200bhp with a 3.3L v8 matched with a touchy, temperamental chassis making it one of the greatest cars of its day.

Auburn Boattail Speedster

One of the original American supercars which wasn’t built for speed or comfort; the Speedster was built for showmanship and appearances alone.


With a signature boattail and a huge flashy chrome grill, the 1935-37 models were perfect status symbols for those wanting to cruise around town flashing the cash. They’d still beat most cars in a straight drag race, but they had no racing pedigree to speak of and were better fared parked outside the best restaurant in town than tearing around a race circuit.