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Five reasons to hire a Lamborghini

Everyone knows that Lamborghinis are some of the fastest, sleekest and most impressive cars around. Being seen driving one by everyone you know is the stuff of dreams, but when the best Lamborghini models can set you back hundreds of thousands of pounds, how can you get your hands on one? The answer is simple: hire a Lamborghini instead of buying one.

Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a Lamborghini:

5. Power

Lamborghinis are well known for being very powerful supercars. The Lamborghini Huracan Cabriolet and Huracan Coupet both have a whopping 602BHP – more than any other supercars on our books – and 5.2l V10 engines. Of course, this makes for a very satisfying drive, especially on open stretches when you can test the Lamborghini to its limit.

4. Look like a celebrity

Regardless of whether you’re Brad Pitt or a supermarket shelf-stacker from Shrewsbury, people will want to know who’s behind the wheel of the Lamborghini zooming past them as they walk along the pavement and more often than not they will assume the driver must be famous to be able to afford such a luxury car. It goes without saying that Lamborghinis will stand out and make an impression in almost all surroundings. Why not make yourself a local celebrity and be the envy of the town?

3. Speed

The Lamborghini Huracan Cabriolet and Huracan Coupet both boast a seriously fast top speed of 202MPH, while the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is just behind with a top speed of 198MPH, making them some of the most enjoyable cars around to drive.

2. To help sell your house!

Research by Avis has shown that parking a gorgeous, expensive-looking supercar such as a Lamborghini outside your house makes it more appealing to prospective buyers, in turn increasing your chances of selling your house. On average, according to the research, having a supercar parked on the drive adds over £4,000 to the value of a house.

Avis’ 2014 survey showed that 6% of Brits have hired a supercar in the past for that very reason, and 10% have considered doing it.¬†Think outside the box and use a supercar to add value in other parts of your life, or alternatively, just leave it on your drive to make the neighbours jealous!

1. It’s easy to do

Here at PB Supercars, we offer the chance to get your hands on the car of your dreams – and at an affordable price. Get in touch today to hire a Lamborghini and create an unforgettable experience for yourself or a loved one. We own all of our supercars, meaning you don’t have to sort out any of the boring stuff – leaving you free to concentrate on the tricky decision of which of our amazing supercars to hire!