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Rimac Concept Two self-driving supercar

A self-driving supercar? Rimac reveals controversial plans

It’s an exciting time for the supercar industry, that’s for sure. Just last month we wrote about Ferrari announcing the first electric supercar. Back in July there was the world’s first off-road supercar, in the Zarooq Sandracer 500GT. And now Croatian manufacturers Rimac have revealed plans for a self-driving supercar. Say what you like about these brands, you can’t fault their innovation.

Predictably, Rimac’s announcement has been met with mixed reactions. A huge part of the appeal of driving a supercar is, well, driving it. These cars are built for maximum enjoyment, capable of combining lightning-quick top speeds with massive horsepower but also the highest levels of comfort and luxury.

While the ego boost and style points that come from driving a supercar around are undoubtedly also part of the appeal, the actual driving experience is arguably the biggest reason why supercars are so popular.

With that in mind, Rimac’s design is something of a risk: will supercar enthusiasts want a supercar that drives itself?

The Croatian brand clearly believe so. The self-driving Concept Two is expected to be revealed in Geneva later this year, following on from the (human-driven) Concept One in 2013, which earned praise for its futuristic design and performance. Experts believe Rimac have been forced to up their game and go bigger with the Concept Two by Tesla’s recent Roadster announcement, hence the self-driving addition.

The Concept Two will have what is known as Level 4 autonomy. This means that no driver attention is ever required for safety, and the driver could safely go to sleep or leave the car without risk of the car crashing. Level 4 is the second-highest level of autonomy – the only level above it is reserved for cars such as robotic taxis that do not require any human intervention whatsoever.

It is believed that Rimac will manufacture around 100 models of the Concept Two, which is set to be priced at around $1 million. Only 8 Concept Ones were produced and they sold out very quickly.

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